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Tremulous is based on the Quake3-Arena engine, which gives the game a beautiful 3D-rendered environment. Additional, the modeling of both the humans and the aliens is excellently done and adds greatly to the atmosphere of the game. Indeed, I was really reminded of films like "ALIEN", being one of the members of a crew that inhabits a ship and finds out that they are not alone anymore. When I run through the futuristic, but dirty ship-architecture and suddenly an alien beast or a spider-like bug is upon me, I feel like being 'in' the film.That also has to do with the sounds, which are well done. Each time I hear that tiny scrab-on-metal-sound, my finger nervously rests upon the left mousekey and I anxiously search the whole room including ceilings and walls for the enemy.Tremulous has succesfully combined two popular genres and cooked up a truly innovative team-based survival-game with an intense atmosphere and great gameplay.I am sure this will not for long be an insider's tip...