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There are a lot of adventure games in the old VGA resolution (320 x 240), which REALLY is small. Of course there is a quite big community which likes the small resolution and the old-school feeling of the games. I myself do not enjoy the pixel gfx that much, one reason why I haven't added quite a number of potential adventures to Runtime Entertainment. (The other reason is, that they most of the time are remakes and not original games).
Well, SUNSET OVER IMDAHL is an exception. In all aspects. Ok, the resolution is VGA, but the graphic's design is beautiful and with much attention to details. Five big maps with lots of rooms, each in a different season and actual condition. Also, and most important for an adventure, the story is masterly told and the puzzles are reasonable. That is a very important feature, because most of the adventure lack good and logical puzzles, which can be solved without I- try- everything- with- everyone- because- I- really- have- no- idea- what- to- do.
Sunset over Imdahl is a greatly entertaining and professionally told fantasy-tale without frustrating puzzles but with superb styled environement and characters. The dialogues are funny and eloquent, the details are divers and add greatly to the atmosphere. This game truly is an adventure game, I enjoyed it more than the better-looking but more frustrating adventures.

Johnny Riot gröhlte am 05.04.2014
TrueMG hat das let's playt aber ich fand es hatte ein interessante und gute story. Leider hab ich mir durch das lp von truemg alles gespoilert :( und es lohnt sich für mich nicht mehr das zu zocken :(