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Ok, soldier surely is no big discovery of mine. This game already has a big fanatic community. And this community exists, because Soldat is stable, nicely and originally designed, and incredible fun to play. With 18 different weapons, 7 game modes and 42 maps there's no chance of being bored in any way...
Soldat really is a fine alternative to FPS-multiplayer-shooters. Being excellently supported, you will always find a server with some soldiers playing on of the different gamemodes.
The graphics are good for this type of game, although some parts could be improved, the overall impression is a homogeneous one. I like very much the ragdoll-style of animation of your soldier.
I can think of no other action multiplayer game, which is NOT a FPS, which is so much fun and so regularly played like Soldat. A true "phenomenon" in the freeware-section. Let's hope that it stays free...

illu heulte am 03.02.2016
Soeben wurde Soldat 1.7.0 released! Mit neuem OpenGL Renderer und vielen verbesserten Texturen und Models. Die Performance und das Spielgefühl ist wirklich um Welten besser! Meist hat man FPS weit über 100!
Game-Crafter shoutetetetete am 14.08.2015
Ein geiles Spiel ich liebe es :D
hadi donnerte am 29.03.2014
Ein Klassiker. Was habe ich das immer gesuchtet!
SgtProJoe schmetterte am 27.03.2014
Cooles Game mit über 42 Maps und 7Spielmodies Hamma Game
LpGamecheckerHD shoutetetetete am 25.03.2014
Cooles Gelegenheits Action Game!!