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Simutrans is not for the casual player - it offers an incredible depth of strategy, buildings, transportation-networks, organisation of trains, airplanes, busses, trucks, ships, trams, monorails, and maglevs. The objective of the game consists in simply not go bankrupt. Thats harder than you think - because there are no interactive tutorials, in the beginning you will read quite a lot and learn what goes where and why. If you are not into simulation you easily could hear yourself shout something like: "Why can't I place this here?" or "What is this building anyway!". Yes, complexity has its price, you will have to learn it. But hey, it is worth the effort.
Simutrans offers also a wide variety of graphic-paks (see webpagelink), so the look and feel can be from traditional sim-city/transport Tycoon-style to web2.0 or experimental grafics-paks.
A lot of people have put a lot of effort into this game, and you can feel it. Simutrans surely is one of the most complex and rewarding freeware sims in the opensource-scene...