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A local multiplayer game made for the TIGsource Sports compo. The aim is to get
the ball into the other player's goal. There's three variants:

- In Screaming Snakeball, each player needs a microphone, and screaming into the
microphone powers them up (see the power bars at the top of the screen). When
a player is fully powered up they will move a lot faster, and neither they nor
the ball will collide with their opponent's snake tail. Ideally this variant
would be played with a large group of people, so you could have the spectators
doing the screaming; the fans literally powering up their player.
- Shouting Snakeball requires a single microphone (the red audio input on the
options screen). Shouting into the mic powers up the ball, making it move
faster and - when fully powered - allowing it to pass through the both
players' tails. As with Whispering Snakeball, player tails shrink and grow
according to goals scored.
- Whispering Snakeball doesn't use an audio input. Each time a player scores a
goal, their tail shrinks and the other player's grows.

The audio inputs can be set up in the options screen. Onboard soundcards don't
tend to have multiple mic inputs, so you'll probably need a dedicated soundcard
to get the most out of the main Screaming Snakeball variant. The VU meters at
the top of the options screen can be used to set the gain of the mics correctly.
Obviously you don't want it too high, or the players will power-up too easily.