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Re-Mission is a magnificent effort of Hope Labs to inform about the horrible disease cancer. in mission briefings and in cut scenes you will learn many a fact that at least I did'nt know about cancer. But don't get me wrong. Re-Mission is not a boring educational game with dull graphics and mediocre gameplay. Quite the contrary.
The cut scenes are greatly animated and inform in a very entertaining way. The 'monsters' are greatly designed and together with the leveldesign, this game ressembles a psycedelic voyage in a fantastic environment. 20 levels of solid action with a well programmed gameplay ensure some ours of fascinating gaming experience. Disease in general and especially Cancer is a tabu and often not talked about while being part of our daily life. More than you might think.
This title is offered for free, but by buying this title you will help the progress of research of medical means against cancer. If you don't want to buy the game, a donation is greatly appreciated.