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Yes, the title 'Privates' already is a hint in which direction this game is going. Privates, of course are the 4 condom-protected soldiers, that fight their way through/inside/on peoples 'privates' with sexual diseases.
Yes, you read right. It's actually an sexual-disease-shoot-em-up - and this has never been so funny. Before pointing out the great aspects of this game, though, anyone reading on should be aware of the explicit language in this article, and in the game, due to the setting, of course.
This title has some good music, nice effects and good character-design. And it has some outstanding texts and voices. Although the game exists to educate about sexual diseases, it never gets too boring, scientific etc - og course the peer group of this game may be 14-18 years, but I laughed out loud playing inside a vagina, an anus, on someones balls or inside a girls mouth, that constantly gives head. Yeah, I know.
Its a five-level piece of weirdness mixed with some interesting facts and 4 different weapons to destroy all the ugly things that can get on our... privates...

Blootwuursch jaulte am 20.07.2014
Link funktioniert einwandfrei. Und Spiel auch
FalloutBoy schrie am 10.06.2014
Auf Chip gibt es das Spiel noch zum Download - und man, das ist es echt wert
Hubertus röhrte am 21.05.2014
Liegt wohl weniger an Rumpel als an der Tatsache, dass das Game auch auf der Homepage nicht mehr zu grabben ist - Schade eigentlich! :)
Nika_Chan shoutetetetete am 24.03.2014
mensch rumpi *kopfschüttel* auch hier error 404