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Midgard Saga is a turn-based tactical role-playing game based on Norse Mythology. In the game, the player controls a group of four vikings on their quest to return Odin's magical mead. They must travel from the mortal realm, Midgard, to the realm of the gods, Asgard. Along the way, these vikings encounter a variety of enemies and challenges. Before each encounter, the player can customize each viking’s skills by choosing from a pool of 25 unique abilities. This allows for replayability and for the player to carry out multiple strategies to victory.
You can download even the artbook and the soundtrack on their Webpage :)

Igyn quäkte am 21.05.2014
*srolling the Seite durch* Aha .. mhm ... ok... schaut cool aus ... warte mal .. Midgard Saga . .. based on Norse Mythology ... HER DAMIT SOFORT !!
$pitfire krakeelte am 23.04.2014
Wie "hammergeil" ist denn die kölsche Mundart dazu?! :-) "I give u a TEN!
Nicklas schnauzte am 23.04.2014
Wann macht ihr wider lets play GTA5 bitte um antwort
Nicklas gröhlte am 23.04.2014
sieh ist gronkh 2
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miene klassen kammerradin rastet so wie gronkh aus das ist zum lachen : ) : ) : )
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nein spaß
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also besuch mich
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ich habe heute geburstag
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kannst du mich beim LPT / LetsPlayTogether mal an kündigen