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MechBalls is chaotic and competitive party game based around some innovative core mechanics.

This game is focused around combat between four players. All Players control a Mech in an arena/stadium all fighting to the death. Although this is not an ordinary death match; every player has the ability to transform themselves in the shape of a ball, opening countless more doors for new gameplay tactics and mechanics in the game.

The air hockey and pinball elements are really utilized in a new way; players can roll around the arena, escape a heavy firefight, reflect off the mechanical elements of the arena designed around combat and strategy, and literally score some points which weren't exactly theirs in the first place.

Stealing and mischief is the second most focused aspect this game is deigned to invoke, in addition to chaos and fun. Many aspects of this game are based around creating mischievous rivalry between players, with all the nudging and cussing involved.

Every player must at least once, protect their base from invading rolling Mechs that are on the hunt for the victims points. This player is a victim of the main mechanic of the game – defending their randomly opening base, containing their points, from other players, air hockey style.