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Great gfx and effects, a solid gameplay, complex weapon-combinations let this title stand out amongst the freeware jump-and-shoots. The multiplayermode (hotseat or via internet) is an excellent feature.
Hurrican is fast-paced, original in its weapons and full of enemies, secrets and powerups. If you enjoy classical sidescrolling shooters, try this one.
Controls can be adjusted to keyboard or to gamepad. You can also create your own grafics adn levels to be used in the game (be sure to check out the webpage for instructions on how to add custom content).
Also be sure to look into the forum on the official site, you will find addons and mods for Hurrican.
Although being a remake, Hurrican has its own magic working, due to its greatly done gfx and the goos programming work done concerning gameplay. Unleash your thumbs!

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- durch . ersetzten
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Hier der Link zur Linux Version getestet auf Suse 12.3 www-hidrive-strato-com/lnk/1rRZv2GO
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gibt auch ne Linux Version. Bei Interesse kurz hier posten dann schmeiss ich nen Link rein.
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Absolutes Top Remake und sehr zu empfehlen