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First Person Lover is a promotional game for european clothes. It's a quite unconventional approach to marketing. This is what the dev says:

"When Swedish Sports fashion brand Björn Borg asked us to help them produce a game to launch their next collection, we quite frankly thought they were mad. On a shoestring budget we were to conquer the world. However, we like Björn Borg. They take an active stand for more love in the world and we think that’s an honorable mission. So we got to work. It has been a trip. We have had, and will keep on having, loads of fun. We will keep on getting mad ideas from advertisers, designers, marketers and PR people. Sometimes they are great, sometimes…not so great.

But rest assured, the result is going to be wicked! Especially since we have managed to get the e-sport superstar Christopher ”GeT_RiGhT” Alesund to join our team…

To match Björn Borg’s message of love and acceptance, we have chosen to make the game a First Person Lover, which of course is a tweaked version of the typical first person shooter. In the game, which will consist of 30 minutes of game play in three levels, players will battle evil forces with the power of love."

Zuschauer schnauzte am 04.05.2017
Schade das dass Video privat ist.
jo schrie am 19.09.2016
ich würde es gerne mal spielen wie geht das
ItsMiauu brüllte am 27.06.2015
OMG ich habe das mehr als 5 mal gespielt besser als CoD :DD
ItsMiauu röhrte am 27.06.2015
OMG ich habe das mehr als 5 mal gespielt besser als CoD :DD