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Here comes another creation from the gamemaker-universe. This time we have a rock solid space-exploration-game in 3D graphics.
You start as a small mining ship and take advantage of the various asteroid-fields to collect resources, which you can sell. With the gained money, guess what you can do? Right! Buy upgrades, other ships, etc.
I have to admit, that I am not much of a space-explorer, nor do I really play games like these a lot. Darkverse, though, managed to keep me interested for a pretty long time. The graphics are not that average 16x16 sprite, but everything is actual 3D modeled, which really is nice and adds a lot to the atmosphere. As does the music, by the way. I think, its the overall accuracy with which this game has been made - every dialog-window, every radar, every icon look like there has always been much consideration and thought put into it.
A superb game, if you like Sci-Fi, download it.