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Dark Oberon is perfect in many points. And also imperfect in a few other.
Perfect are the graphics - they are one of the reasons why I added Dark Oberon to the Review-section. I would call them "art" ;-) The game was done by 6 students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University, Prague. They modeled everything what you can see in the game out of plasticine, took a picture of the item and integrated it as sprite in the game. The resulting look is awsome. There even are animations to be seen, the soldier walking cycle for example.
Also perfect is the music, which is dreamy and adds a warm and fairy-like atmosphere to the game. It perfectly stays in the background, and it really is not getting on anyones nerves, even after playing the game for a longer time.
Perfect is the programming, everything works great; the pathfinding could be enhanced, but it doesn't really disturb the overall impression, that the developers knew what they were doing. The menu is great, easy to understand and its sounds again are funny and original - just listen closely ;-)
Imperfect is the game concerning a real single-player story mode and of course in the number of buildings and units.
BUT if they'd take the effort, Dark Oberon easily could become one of my favourite RTS games. So there only rests the hope that someday they will continue working on this game and until then I every once in a while will play this game for about half an hour, just to enjoy the nice gfx, and loose myself in a medieval fairy-land made out of plasticine...