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I can't estimate on how big the commuity is for this game. When I played, there where a whole lot of servers, but very few or no players. But actually is was 14 p.m. when I played (students have nothing to do :-P), so maybe later on there will be more. Nevertheless this game SHOULD have many players. Because it is well programmed, nicely designed and highly entertaining. There are about 5 different weapons. Of course you will find the stadtart artefacts like health and armour, but also special items like a bolt or a radioactive item, wich generally is good for you and bad for your enemies.
Bloodmasters is a fresh and entertaining alterntaive to the ever-the-same first person shooters. Same amount of action, same adrenalin-flush, also nice 3D-graphics but a whole different feeling. The course of motion is completely different and that's a good thing: a new and fresh element adds to well known game-components and creates something new but familiar.