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Man, I wasn't expecting much when I first played this game. Then, some hours later I realized it was dark outside and I had totally forgotten about time. Battleships forever, this title really has a point, maybe you should call it 'Battleships forPresident', if you allow me this little play of words.

Yet another title done with gamemaker, whose professional design can easily compete with other, commercial titles of the kind. The graphical effects are excellent and both menu and gameplay are easily accessible. Of course, Battleships forever is not for pure action/FPS gamers. But everyone whose interest only scratch the strategy genre should give this freeware jem a try. In addition to the campaign and the free-play mode you can desiogn your own ships(!) with the integrated ship editor. Everyone not jubilating about a fullfeatured, commercial quality space strategy game like Battleships forever is either dumb or doesn't play computergames at all. Try it. No, really, try it.

Rems Soul kreischte am 11.06.2014
Yau! Mit Battleships Forever kann man wirklich Stunden vernichten. :D Gibt gute Mods von anderen Sci-Fi-Spielen hierfür, etwa Flotten aus dem Freespace-Universum und sowas. Wer mal auf der anderen Seite von "Warning Forever" sein wollte, hat hier die Möglichkeit. Und noch mehr! :D